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32 In-House NPD Professionals Boost Profits With Trend-Led, Exciting Food & Drink NPD

Boost Profits With Trend-Led Food & Drink NPD: Stay Ahead Of The Curve & Excite Customers With Profitable NPD & Product Innovations Driven By Insights Into The Latest Health, Packaging, Consumer, Shopper, Sustainability, Ingredient & Retailer Trends To Monetise New Growth Opportunities.
A One-Day, Brand-Led, Conference & Networking Event, 8th October 2019, One Great George Street, Central London. 

A One-Day, Brand-Led, Practical Conference & Networking Event, 8th October 2019, One Great George Street, London.

08.30 Registration, Coffee & Informal Networking

09.00 GIC Welcome, Interactive Voting Introduction & Chairs’ Opening Remarks

Ann Dunne
Head of Product Development & Quality


09.20 Find The Winning Formula: Hit The Jackpot By Turning The Right Trends Into Outstanding NPD

  • Putting all your eggs in one basket! Determining when an emerging trend will achieve longevity, make sense for your company and is worth significant investment
  • How can you be first-to-market by quickly progressing an idea from a blank sheet of paper to the drawing board?
  • Break the mould! Find a way to stand out and create a unique and exciting product retailers want to stock
  • It’s new and shiny but does it realistically translate into your existing product range, category or portfolio?
  • Creating an exciting story around your product which resonates with consumers and retailers in an increasingly crowded market

Hannah McKay
Head of Food & Beverage
Caffè Nero


09.40 Optimise Key Trends To Create Commercially-Successful Products & Sky Rocket Sales With Exciting Innovations

  • Tracking trends from their infancy! How can you anticipate if a trend will deliver lasting, innovative products or could be worth investing in for a quick win?
  • Remember cronuts and black ice cream? Just how can you separate the long-term trends from the fads to identify the next big thing?
  • When meaningful market insight is so hard (and expensive) to come by: how can you stay ahead of the curve and informed on the latest micro and macro trends?
  • Thinking ahead! Taking inspiration from trends coming through and considering what is on the horizon

Ricardo Brenna
Head of Insights
Ferrero UK & Ireland

Paul Thomas
Head of Insight
Asahi Beer

Dougie Hastings
Head of Proposition

Martyn Clover
Head of Food
Tortilla Mexican Grill



10.10 Interactive NPD Trends Breakout Discussions

A) Sustainability 

Santiago Navarro
CEO & Co-Founder
Garçon Wines

B) Proteins

Emma Lewis
Group Head of R&D Veg & Meals and Culinary Lead
Nomad Foods

C) Convenience

Melanie Tucker
Head of Out of Home

D) International

Adam Wilcock
European R&D Director
Papa John’s International

E) Sugar F) Meat-Replacements G) Clean & Natural H) Drink Trends

10.30 Morning Refreshment Break With Informal, Facilitated Networking & Chef Demos

Omkar Mestry
Executive Head Chef Hilton
London Tower Bridge 

11.00 Discover How To Detect & Action New Category Trends Faster & Apply AI To Social Data In Order To Transform Your Insights Capability & Get To Market First

Richard Maryniak
Global Chief & Innovation Officer
Black Swan Data 


11.20 It’s Not Easy Being Green: With Consumers, The Government & Retailers Increasingly Demanding Recyclable Packaging & Sustainable Products, How Can The Industry Deliver?

  • The balancing act! Can cost-effective, sustainable packaging be achieved whilst maintaining shelf life and the look and appeal of the product?
  • Make your green credentials work for you to maximise the interest of the environmentally conscious consumer and retailer
  • How far are consumers willing to go to save the world? Will they actually spend more money on their groceries to do it?
  • Sustainability is about more than packaging. Considering carbon footprint, ethical and local ingredients sourcing, shelf life and waste in your NPD to develop cost-effective, sustainable and profitable product

Thomas Cropper, Managing Director, Tuk In Foods


11.40 Capitalise On The Latest Health & Nutrition Trends: Insights Into How To Satisfy Consumers’ Evolving Definitions Of Healthy With On-Trend NPD

  • The usual suspects? From salt to sugar and paleo to keto, what do consumers want now and how can you capitalise on it for your business?
  • Don’t miss out! In an ever-changing market how can you realistically anticipate the next health trend to invest in?
  • The science behind healthy eating; separating what is healthy from what is perceived to be healthy to create new products that are nutritious, tasty and excite consumers
  • One size fits all? Top tips to create good value, convenient and healthy products which tick every box for the consumer

Kyrsten Halley
Head of Brand

Daniela Busseni
Head of Category Development – Sweet Treats
Premier Foods

Frankie Fox
Co-Founder & Head of Innovation
The Foraging Fox

James Kidman
Head of Food
Crussh Fit Foods & Juice Bars

12.10 From Novel To Mainstream: Navigating The Journey Of A New Ingredient Into Consumer Acceptance

Emma Gubisch
Head of Consumer & Sensory Insight
Leatherhead Food Research


12.55 Facilitated, Interactive Peer-To-Peer Discussions

A) Macro Drivers For Better NPD

Andrew Wardlaw, Insight Director, MMR Research Worldwide Ltd

B) Packaging 

Amelia Dales, Business Development Manager, Garçon Wines

C) Social Media D) Waste E) Market Disruptors F) Brexit

13.25 Chair’s Afternoon Remarks

Daniela Busseni, Head of Category Development – Sweet Treats, Premier Foods


13.35 Unlocking The Latest Consumer Influences & Shopper Motivations 

  • Data-driven insights into consumer behaviours to discover what is influencing shoppers right now
  • What do consumers understand about food? Bolster consumer confidence, address miscommunication and effectively communicate the benefits of your product
  • The psychology driving recent trends towards more health-conscious and sustainable choices - how could this change?
  • Future proof your NPD: from shopping to snacking, flavours to cuisines; exploring the consumer’s evolving relationship with food and how this will impact food and drink retail in the long term

Miguel Uribe
Grocery Buyer
Whole Foods Market

Ian Hepburn
Transformation Director
Mars Wrigley UK

Jeremy Pang
School of Wok

Kevin Hancock
Senior Buying Manager


14.10 Understanding The Concerned Consumer

From calls for recyclable packaging to moves to eat less meat, we’re seeing the rise of the concerned consumer. But what are issues that really matter to consumers when it comes to food and drink and what does this mean for marketing and product innovation? In this session, Kadence International will share the findings of our latest research exploring food and drink trends across 11 countries which closely match our global footprint. We’ll share cultural insights into what people are eating and drinking in the US, Europe and Asia as well as the concerns that matter most when it comes to making food and drink choices.

Darren Lewis
Head of Insight

Ruper Sinclair
Insight Director


14.40 Overcoming Technical Hurdles & NPD Challenges To Create Profitable Plant-Based Foods With Mass Appeal

  • Capitalising on the world of plant-based foods! Overcoming NPD challenges and technical hurdles to create tasty, protein-rich and exciting vegan-friendly foods
  • Which strategy should you pursue to boost profits? Delicious plant-based products which happen to be vegan versus vegan ‘meat’ and dairy substitutes
  • Tactics to broaden your product appeal: win over the ‘carnivores’ and tap into the flexitarian market without alienating vegans


15.10 Successfully Translating Emerging Ingredients & Flavours Into Your Product Portfolio With Up-To-The Minute Trends For Hot-Off-The-Press Products

  • What’s hot and what’s not! Uncover new ingredients, cuisines and flavours and debate which ones are old news!
  • How can brand new ingredients help to generate sugar-free, meat-free, dairy-free and other free-from products?
  • Exploring the consumer trend towards ‘clean’: will your ingredients list turn them on or off your product?

Paul Dickinson
Director of Food

Ian Craddock
Senior Research Chef
McCormick & Company

Steve Kearns
Managing Director
Cawston Press

Rusty Warren
NPD & Consumer Research Manager
Subway – UK & Ireland

15.40 Afternoon Refreshment Break & Informal Networking


16.10 Exploring Different NPD Processes, Technologies & Trend Adoption To Maximise The Success Of Launches, Minimise False Starts & Consistently Produce Lucrative Products

  • Save time, effort and money! Practical steps to improve the percentage of launches that translate into commercially viable products
  • From consumer research to negotiating the chaos behind a launch, lessons learnt to improve the complete product innovation process
  • Meticulous research versus gut-feeling; what is the best NPD strategy to create the next game-changing product?

16.10) Paul Thomas, Head of Insight, Asahi Beer

16.30) Joe Spence, Innovation Lead, innocent drinks


16.50 Retailer-Manufacturer Relationship: Collaborating & Building Relationships For Successful, Market-Leading NPD

Daniela Busseni
Head of Category Development – Sweet Treats
Premier Foods

17.10 Conference Round-Up, Quick-Wins Advice & Co-Chairs’ Closing Remarks

17.15 Official Close Of Conference

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PLUS! Don't Miss The Consumer-Driven Packaging Trends & Innovations Day! Translating The Latest Consumer Trends & Perceptions, Market Innovations & Retailing Requirements Into Actionable Packaging Strategies Which Communicate Green Credentials, Bolster The Circular Economy & Drive Sales.
A Brand-Led, One-Day Conference & Networking Event, 9th October 2019, Museum of London Docklands, London.

08.30 Registration, Morning Coffee & Objective Setting

09.00 GIC Welcome, Interactive Voting Introduction & Morning Chair’s Opening Remarks

Paul Irwin-Rhodes, External Affairs Manager, Greggs

09.20 Responding To Consumer & Legislative Demands: Harnessing Innovative Packaging Techniques & The Right Materials To Ensure High-Quality Finished Products & Boost Sustainability

Ollie Richmond, Trade & NPD Manager, Percol Coffee

09.45 Customers Are Telling Us This Is What They Want! Practical Steps To Implement Sustainability, Boost Green Credentials & Find The Right Path In This Ever-Growing Landscape

Shameem Kazmi, Director of Research & Development & Technical Implementation, Britvic

Andy Hill, Managing Director, King of Shaves

Peter Mitchell, Senior Economist, Valpak

Matthew Langley, Insight & Innovation Manager, Weston’s Cider

Olumide Ojo-Oratokhai, Packaging Development Manager, Tata Global Beverages GB Limited

10.25 Morning Refreshment Break With Informal Networking

10.55 Support Consumers & Leverage Collaborative Working To Increase Recycling & A Circular Economy

Shimon Kalichman, Consulting Director, Brand & Communications, L'Occitane UK

11.20 Bonus Session, Reserved For Exclusive Conference Partner. For more information on how to get involved, please call +44 (0)20 3479 2299 or email

11.40 Enhance Your Packaging With The Optimal Materials & Plastics To Minimise Wastage & Achieve Consistent, High-Quality Products 

David Bucknall, Professor of Materials Chemistry, Heriot-Watt University

12.05 'Together Towards ZERO'

Carlsberg will present their ‘Together Towards ZERO’ sustainability plan and demonstrate the ‘Snap Pack’, an innovation in drinks packaging that replaces the plastic rings on cans with glue, halving plastic use from brewery to store.

Pete Statham, Sustainability Manager, Carlsberg UK

12.30 Morning Roundup & Lunchtime Announcements

12.40 Lunch For Delegates, Speakers & Partners

13.10 Informal Peer-To-Peer Discussions

A) Personalisation
Thomas Cropper, Managing Director, Tuk In Foods

B) Collaboration
Matthew Langley, Insight & Innovation Manager, Weston’s Cider

C) Environment

D) Digital Printing 

E) Communications

F) Government & Legislation

13.40 Afternoon Chair's Opening Remarks

Daniela Busseni, Head of Category Management, Sweet Treats, Premier Food

13.55 Strike The Right Balance Between Quality & Sustainability To Align With Consumer Preferences

Polymeros Chrysochou, Associate Professor in Marketing & Consumer Behaviour, Aarhus University

13.55 If The Customer Is Always Right, How Can We Ever Be?!

Paul Irwin-Rhodes, External Affairs Manager, Greggs

Thomas Cropper, Managing Director, Tuk In Foods

Louise Werner, Director of Future Packaging, The Absolut Company Pernod Ricard

14.45 Bonus Session, Reserved For Exclusive Conference Partner. For more information on how to get involved, please call +44 (0)20 3479 2299 or email

15.05 Coca-Cola Presents An Update On Their Packaging Strategies With A Particular Focus On Sustainability & Innovation

Julian Hunt, Head of Public Affairs, Communications & Sustainability, GB, Coca-Cola European Partners

15.30 Afternoon Refreshment Break With Informal Networking

16.00 Engineer Winning, Stand-Out Packaging Which Simultaneously Meets Retailer Requirements & Stands Out To Consumers

Nicolas Bouche, Packaging & Rfid Director, Decathlon

16.20 Leverage New Technologies & Create Cost-Effective Innovative Packaging Solutions   

Shameem Kazmi, Director of Research & Development & Technical Implementation, Britvic

16.40 Redesigning Packaging To Create World-Class Products

Amelia Dales, Business Development Manager, Garçon Wines

17.00 Chairs’ Closing Remarks

17.10 Official Close Of Conference