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The moment every marketer joins a brand, we stop thinking, feeling or acting like our consumers.

It’s an annoying truth, as we know understanding our customers is the lifeblood of good, impactful decision making. Even more than that, it’s the competitive edge in marketing today.

Despite an array of performance and analytics tools, marketers are underserved on the important stuff - how our consumer thinks, what their purchase drivers are, how the fast changing world is changing them - it’s all out of reach, and often changing faster than you know.

Unsurprisingly, uncertainty and guesswork have become accepted industry norms.

That’s where Attest breaks you free.

We think customer-driven, evidence-based decision-making should be easy and accessible. It’s fundamental for all marketers, not just a luxury for only the biggest consumer brands.

So we built a platform that provides access to audiences of 100 million consumers across 46 markets.

You simply choose your target audience and add your questions. Then our three layers of intelligent quality control ensure you receive high quality, empirical research at the speed you need it. If you need a guiding hand, we have an expert team to help you to ask the right questions to the right people in the right way, producing data sets you can trust.

This is the fast, accurate and actionable data modern marketers need to make great decisions.

Less guesswork. More confidence. Delivered at the speed of change.

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Blue Yonder is an award winning, innovative insight agency based in Leeds, with a client base from all over the World.

We find our clients an edge; that insight that creates a genuine competitive advantage. We do it for some of the world’s most famous brands.

We use our ecosystem to source the latest tech to find that edge. If we can’t see it in the market, we often invent it ourselves. We work in two teams: Sense:Lab and Brand:lab.

  • Sense:lab are R&D Insight specialists. A team of people who only work on igniting, developing and delivering world class brands to market. From ideation and pipeline creation through to claims, formulation, pack and POS. Sense:lab work digitally anywhere in the world, but also out of their newly built Consumer Development Centre in Leeds: Designed by R&D for R&D. They can also call on the UK’s leading Shopper:lab – a digital and real world lab where the best category ideas get created.
  • Brand:lab are a team of senior brand, strategy and communications experts making use of Blue Yonder’s tech, data science and video tool kit to create brand and category growth. If you have seen enough boring tracking, actionless ad testing or blunt U&As, Brand:lab could be what you need.

We work with leading Global Companies in a variety of industries including: FMCG, Services, Retail, Gaming and Education and Health.

We grew up as an R&D insight agency, working directly with major global clients. A lot has changed but we retain attention to detail, entrepreneurship, action orientation and innovativeness that R&D demands.

We innovate, creating insight that gives your business a genuine edge. It’s about finding a way to win. Combining the best people with the best tech to get where we need to go – faster, better. It takes a certain mindset to create these wins, and push business forwards.

Our speciality is precision of understanding and recommendations - bringing clarity and focus to decisions. Insight without impact is nothing!



Sentient Decision Science is a globally recognized behavioral science organization, known for advancing the methods and technology to quantify human emotion. Sentient’s market research products provide brands the ability to uncover the emotional impact on all types of media and experiences, including in-store and/or in-app. A broad sample is used giving a deeper understanding of what consumers are feeling and how that impacts the brand. Sentient’s automated research products use advanced behavioral science measures that combine Systems 1 and 2 to improve accuracy and speed, providing actionable intelligence. As the leading provider of Emotion Intelligence Technology, Sentient advances the knowledge of the drivers of behavior to increase empathy and improve the human condition.

SKIM is a global insights agency helping leading companies thrive by understanding decision-making. To stay ahead in today’s environment, it’s critical to know how decisions are made and how the changing environment influences decisions for consumers, healthcare and B2B professionals.

By understanding how decision-making has changed (and how it hasn’t!), we adapt sophisticated research techniques and develop innovations to address this new reality. The result? Practical brand communications, revenue management, product innovation, e-commerce, and advanced analytics recommendations you can use to propel your business forward, online and offline.

What sets SKIM apart is our decision behavior expertise + deep analytical and choice-modeling roots + a thorough understanding of the marketing challenges brands face. This unique combination, along with our creative thinking, is the reason why strategy consultants and leading companies, from Fortune 500 to digital disruptors, continue to partner with us for decades. With 9 offices in Europe, US, Latin America and Asia, and 200+ enthusiastic SKIMmers ready to help crack your business case today, how can we team up with you today?

Global market research and decision behavior experts | SKIM




Toluna is the parent company of Harris Interactive Europe and KuRunData. Together, we push market research toward a better tomorrow.

Toluna is a technology company that delivers real-time insights at the speed of the on-demand economy. We do what no other insights company can. We combine innovative technology, award-winning research design, vertical expertise and a panel of over 30 million consumers. What does this mean for you? It means you can get more research done in less time with less budget. It means you can design a research program that meets your needs, whether that’s self-service or full consultancy. It means you can trust your insights because quality is baked into every part of our process. And it means you can do it at scale.

Harris Interactive simplifies complex decisions with critical consumer intelligence. Harris Interactive sets itself apart by fusing sector expertise and award-winning research designs with innovative tools and technology. This combination delivers impactful insights that keep clients ahead of what’s next. And with Toluna technology, those insights are delivered faster than anyone else. Although expert in all areas of research design, implementation, analysis, and reporting, Harris Interactive has particular strengths in customer experience, brand and new product development. Industry expertise ranges from CPG/FMCG to media and entertainment, and our technology supports every step of research, design, implementation, analysis, and reporting.

TRIBE is a self-serve marketplace connecting brands with micro influencers to generate word of mouth marketing and on-demand content at scale and for a fraction of the price. Whether you're running a one-time campaign or have a planned budget for the year, you'll see the impact of customer-generated content and how it has turned traditional Influencer Marketing on its head.

Founded in 2015, TRIBE now has offices in five cities globally. The platform has connected over 8,000 brands with 90,000+ influencers, generating more than 1,000,000 pieces of branded content for leading brands including Facebook, Mars, Unilever, Amazon, Spotify, Topshop, and Diageo.



A platform automating advanced research methodologies for actionable insights and a meaningful view of your consumer

quantilope is an insights platform transforming the speed, complexity, and quality that hinders traditional market research. Our platform automates advanced research methodologies including Conjoint, MaxDiff, Implicit Association Tests, and more, offering tools and customization to answer questions from ideation through development, launch, and the tracking of your products, ads, and concepts. quantilope is an end-to-end platform, mapping the entire market research process from the research question to the questionnaire design, professional panel management, in-depth analysis, and data visualization. With quantilope, you save time, money, and resources by never having to work with multiple vendors and software systems on a single research project again. Our clients are empowered to embrace agile workflows by improving the speed and substance of market research for their businesses.

Speed – quantilope’s end-to-end Agile Insights platform provides answers to your market research questions in less than one week.

Learn how our platform works

Substance – Using advanced automated research methodologies to answer questions from business strategy to product development, product launch, and performance monitoring.

Learn about our automated methods

Empowerment – Supported by a team of dedicated research consultants to empower clients with the expertise to get the most out of the platform and work smarter, faster, and more efficient.