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Our Partners

Charpak has been designing and manufacturing innovative, world class thermoformed plastic packaging for over 30 years.

Charpak adds value to brand owners, retailers and manufacturers through developing and manufacturing bespoke packaging solutions.

We are confident we offer clients the best possible packaging solution for their products and brands.

Our focus is on designing packaging that enhances product on-shelf, driving your sales. Additionally, designing manufacturing solutions, transit and WIP trays for food manufacturers has won our clients prestigious awards.

Our award-winning design team are experts in the latest technology, producing full rendered photo-realistic visual drawings. Helping you visualise and make decisions on how your products will look on-shelf.

Charpak provides the complete packaging end-to-end solution with all design, prototypes and manufacturing completed in-house. Working in collaboration with our clients throughout the NPD process Charpak guarantee products we design are fully manufacturable. With tight quality control at every stage of the process our clients have absolute confidence in achieving launch dates and deadlines.

Charpak plays to our strengths. The company knows its market and provides excellent client support. In house tooling and prototyping adds value to clients packaging and the brands. Our creativity in packaging design combined with our manufacturing expertise supports your business goals of repositioning product, enhancing sales and improving margins.

Corporate responsibility and sustainability of packaging is core to our business; Designing the right packaging, fit for purpose with end of life considerations or secondary home use are a core element of the Charpak design brief.

Our company ethos is to source UK produced recycled material with full food contact approval. We see packaging reduction as something positive for our business.

As forward-thinking market leaders Charpak are accredited to the BRC/IOP standard for food packaging and ISO 9001-2008. Round the clock production ensures a rapid response for short or long production runs, or samples for product trials, consumer testing and marketing purposes.

Charpak has evolved to embrace everything you’d expect from a visionary 21st century packaging company.

To find out how Charpak can help you achieve your business goals: Speak with Justin Kempson and the Charpak team.

For more information please visit www.charpak.co.uk

Harris Interactive

Harris Interactive is a full-service, digital consultative market research agency that combines sector expertise with award-winning research design and industry leading technology to deliver critical market research solutions at top speed.

We offer a flexible and agile suite of Express products and bespoke solutions to meet clients’ insight needs across the product development/innovation cycle.

Working internationally from our offices, our activities in the UK span both business-to-business and consumer markets.

We support some of the World’s best known brands with co-creation/ideation work, idea screening, concept testing, product optimisation (including features, packaging, messaging, pricing), product trials and pre and post launch evaluation.

Our Express products combine smart technology with decades of Harris know-how to provide high quality, quick turnaround surveys with effective metrics and real time results, enabling you to make smart, impactful decisions faster and more cost effectively.

For the past 10 years we’ve been the proud research partner to The Grocer Magazine, and continue to provide their teams with rapid access to consumer insight to support monthly digital features.

Visit our website to access the archive of our reports for The Grocer for free:

Leatherhead Food Research provides expertise and support to the global food and drinks sector with practical solutions that cover all stages of a product’s life cycle from consumer insight, ingredient innovation and sensory testing to food safety consultancy and global regulatory advice. Leatherhead operates a membership programme which represents a who’s who of the global food and drinks industry. Supporting members and clients, large or small, Leatherhead provides consultancy and advice, as well as networking events, industry news, member reports and bespoke projects.


The World’s Expert in Packaging, Shopper Marketing and New Product Insights.

At PRS IN VIVO, we believe primarily in what people do, rather than what they say.

We know that real life purchase decisions are overwhelmingly behavioral (“thinking fast”), rather than rational (“thinking slow”) – and that they are greatly influenced by context.

These core principles are reflected in all of our research methodologies, which emphasize shoppers’ behavior and purchase selections – and focus on confirming that brands are seen, understood, and shop-able at shelf.

They also guide our investments in unique offerings to understand, document and predict shopper behavior, including a global network of 20+ ShopperLabs® and unmatched scope, database, and expertise in eye-tracking.


Webb deVlam

Engaging People. Igniting Brands. Webb deVlam is a strategic design and innovation consultancy. Through shopper-led strategy, effective design and agile innovation, Webb deVlam creates the spark at moment of sale that unlocks brand growth.

Leaner, Better, Faster. As brands and organisations face unprecedented social and technology changes, Webb deVlam strives to be at the forefront of design and innovation by creating new, more agile ways of working, embedding consumers and stakeholders in the design journey from day one. Webb deVlam harnesses services such as Rapid Innovation Processes and Design Accelerators, which have now become the way of working for many clients.

Combining teams of talented 2D and 3D designers, creative strategists, innovators and technologists Webb deVlam builds long term value and drives short term measurable results for your brand. Webb deVlam also partners with visionary leaders when necessary to tap into unique market opportunities for your brand.

With offices in London and Chicago, Webb deVlam is a proud member of Sgsco, a global collective delivering end-to-end marketing solutions from concept through implementation. Sgsco aims to help brands Own The Moment™ when a consumer’s desire can be converted into action. Sgsco believes in the power of the package to convert interest into purchase; it’s The Moment of Sale™.