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We Hope You Enjoyed The NPD Food & Drink Conference! Keep Your Eyes Peeled For Our Upcoming Sister Events

Innovative Food & Drink Science, Tech & Formulation For Products Which Satisfy Market Trends, Claims, Regulations & Consumers: Consumer Trends & Insights ✓ Naturally-Derived Products ✓ Sugar Reduction ✓ Tech & New Methodologies ✓ Nutrition & Functional Ingredients ✓ Vegan, Plant-Based & Flexitarian ✓ Health Claims & Regulations ✓ Packaging & Sustainability ✓ Ingredients: Trends, Alternatives & Innovations.

A One-Day, Industry-Led Conference & Networking Event, 21st January 2020, One America Square, Central London.

Discover The Latest Technical, Methodological & Smart Formulation Developments To Deliver Nutrition Whilst Integrating Functional Ingredients, Exploring Alternatives & Replacements To Create Products & Menus That Meet Claims, Labelling & Regulations & End-Consumer Demands:

  1. Innovate With New Technologies, Methodologies & Processing: Accelerate your product development and processing with innovative methodologies and tech which achieve smart formulation at pace
  2. Novel Ingredients, Textures, Flavours & Alternatives To Revolutionise Product Ranges: Expand your ingredients portfolio with
    exciting sources, replacements and alternatives for on-trend products
  3. Align Science & Formulation With Consumer Trends & Insights: Gain insight into consumer choices for commercially-successful food
    and drink products 
  4. The Science Behind Delivering Higher-Nutrition & Functional Products: Explore new areas of formulation to deliver nutrition whilst integrating functional ingredients for products which match the claims
  5. Continue To Tackle The Sugar Reduction Challenge: With reformulation targets rising, are your products on track, retaining quality and adhering to legislation?
  6. Monetise The Growing “Natural” Trends: Overcome legislative and technical barriers to create appealing, naturally-derived products
  7. Vegan, Plant-Based, Flexitarian & Protein Alternatives: Lead the trend towards animal-free products and discover new methodologies, ingredient alternatives and product development for high-quality, plant-based products
  8. Do Your Products Live Up To The Claims? Ensure your ingredients, formulation and processing are up-to-date with the latest regulations 
  9. Sustainable Products & Packaging: Discover alternatives which work for your category, explore the impact of reduced packaging on product integrity and continue the journey to reduce environmental impact

Why This Food & Drink Science, Tech & Formulation Conference? New Innovation For 2020! Why 21st January Should Be The Date In Your Diary:

  • 20 Senior R&D, Innovation & Nutrition Directors Speaking From Industry-Leading Food & Drink Brands & Retailers
  • 1 Innovative, Affordable Day
  • Advanced, Interactive Agenda
  • 3 Interactive Panel Discussions & Q&A: Consumer Trends & Insights, New Tech & Processing And Ingredients – Trends, Alternatives & Innovations
  • Sister Event Of The Industry-Respected Food & Drink Conference Series Including The Food & Drink Safety Conference, The Food & Drink Trends & Innovations Conference And The NPD Food & Drink Conference
  • 6 Break-Out Peer Discussions: A) Protein Alternatives B) Salt Reduction C) Starch D) Fat E) Allergens F) Colourings
  • CBD Case Study
  • Interactive Voting & Q&A