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Sky-Rocket Sales, Excite Shoppers & Showcase Your Brand With Consumer-Driven New Profitable Food & Drink Trends, Innovations & NPD: Take The Industry By Storm! Capitalise On The Latest Consumer, Retail, Health, Plant-Based, Ingredients, Sustainability & Packaging Trends For On-Point NPD, Attention-Grabbing Marketing & Game-Changing Innovations. 8th Annual, One-Day, Brand-Led, Conference & Networking Event, 21st September 2021, Central London Or Virtual. @FoodTrendsConf . Group Discounts Available! Call +44 (0)20 3479 2299 for details.

22 Food & Drink Brands & Retailers Share Business-Critical Insights to Monetise Latest Consumer & Retailing Trends For Innovative NPD & Attention-Grabbing Marketing: From 22 Pioneering Plant-Based Alternatives, To Promoting Health & Wellness, Championing Sustainability, Overcoming Covid-19 Challenges & Showcasing Ingredients & Flavours

  1. Monetise The Hottest New Trends & Game-Changing Innovations: Lucrative consumer and retailing trends for trailblazing NPD and attention-grabbing marketing
  2. NPD Success From Concept To Launch! Make your mark with in-demand products and campaigns to stay ahead of the curve
  3. Win Big With On-Trend Plant-Based Innovations: Monetise the movement by delivering on customer expectations, broadening
    your appeal and captivating consumers
  4. Business-Critical Shifts In Consumer Insights & Shopper Behaviour: Profit-boosting strategies which align your product offering and marketing with evolving behaviours today
  5. Unstoppable Health, Wellness & Nutrition Trends: Refreshing product and formulation solutions to satisfy consumer demand for
    healthier diets and eating habits
  6. Cost-Effective Sustainable Products & Greener Packaging: Increase your green offering with sustainable and plastic-free
    alternatives to boost brand image and loyalty
  7. Stand-Out With Captivating Marketing & Comms: Boost brand and product success with engaging and exciting marketing campaigns
    which demand attention!
  8. Must-Have Ingredients & Flavours To Sky-Rocket Sales: High-profit, exciting ingredients, textures and flavours for tasty and
    exciting product offerings

How Does The Virtual Food & Drink Trends & NPD Conference Work?

It’s easy! All you need is internet access and a password which we will provide. In the comfort of your own surroundings, you will be able to:

Inspiring Speakers - Listen to market-leading, brand-side speakers as they share their hard-won insights and experiences with hot topic presentations and panels

Connect & Network - Networking is easy with the use of our discussion board, direct messaging facility, meeting request buttons, live polling and social media feed. Have your say and meet the other attendees

Live Chat - Pose your own questions and comment via the live chat function and interact with other delegates and speakers in real time

Virtual Roundtables & Peer Discussions - There will be breakout discussions during the day to discuss specific areas of interest with like-minded attendees to tailor your experience

Virtual Exhibition - Explore the 'virtual exhibition stands' and speak directly to our carefully-chosen exhibitors to help you tackle your business challenges directly

Virtual Face-To-Face Meetings - Start a conversation with fellow delegates or exhibitors and discuss your individual needs and challenges one-to-one

Go Virtual - It’s Easy! All you need is good internet access and a password which we will provide. Presentations and panels are live, and you can type in questions or comments to our Q&A section, live polling or social feed. If you would like to participate in any breakout discussions, it’s just a normal zoom call. You can also direct message or request a meeting with any of the other attendees on the online platform. Sessions will be recorded and will be available as on-demand content for a short while after the event.


PLUS! What's New At The 8th Annual Food & Drink Trends & NPD Conference?

  • 8 Years Of Fresh, New Insights & Innovative Brand Case Studies
  • Profitable, New Food & Drink Trends!
  • 4 Retailer Perspectives
  • 3 International Perspectives
  • 3 Interactive Panel Discussions & Open Q&A: A) Hot Trends & Innovations B) New Health Trends C) Latest Consumer Insights & Shopper Behaviours
  • 5 Peer-To-Peer Discussions: A) Covid Impact B) Sugar Reduction C) Sustainability Sells D) Alchol Trends E) HFSS

Now Is Your Chance To Get Involved In The Food & Drink Trends & NPD Conference!

Can You Help Brands Monetise The Latest Food & Drink Trends & Produce Profit-Boosting NPD? For more information on how to get involved, please call +44 (0)20 3479 2299 or email

Here's What Previous Sponsors Of Our Food & Drink Trends & NPD Conferences Have To Say:

'Great conference and insightful conversations. Pre-booked meetings were well organised. Great overall experience.' 


'Great conference. Interesting, insightful and lots of opportunities.' 

'Very open, dynamic environment.' 

22 Food & Drink Brands & Retailers Tackle Your Toughest Challenges In 1 Day:Hot Trends & Innovations • New NPD Success • Plant-Based • New Health Trends • Sustainability • Consumer Insights & Shopper Behaviours • Coronavirus Lessons Learned • Stand-Out Marketing & Comms • Packaging Innovation • Must-Have Ingredients & Flavours • Product Innovation

Sky-Rocket Sales, Excite Shoppers & Showcase Your Brand With Consumer-Driven New Profitable Food & Drink Trends, Innovations & NPD: Take The Industry By Storm! Capitalise On The Latest Consumer, Retail, Health, Plant-Based, Ingredients, Sustainability & Packaging Trends For On-Point NPD, Attention-Grabbing Marketing & Game-Changing Innovations. 8th Annual, One-Day, Brand-Led, Conference & Networking Event, 21st September 2021, Central London Or Virtual. @FoodTrendsConf . Group Discounts Available! Call +44 (0)20 3479 2299 for details.

Please See Below For The Food & Drink Trends & NPD Conference Programme Outline. For The Full Agenda, Click Here.

08.40 Registration, Informal Networking & GIC Opening Remarks

09.00 Morning Chair’s Opening Remarks
Amir Ali, Culinary Innovation & Strategy Manager, Mitchells & Butlers PLC

Hot Trends & Innovations - Panel Discussion & Q&A

09.10 Capitalise On Emerging Food & Drink Trends & Ingredients For Trailblazing & Profitable NPD

  • In the COVID-19 era, keep pace with evolving consumer shifts (and resulting opportunities) to shape future product and consumer strategies
  • Cherry-pick the hottest emerging trends that are influencing consumer purchasing decisions to secure brand popularity all year round
  • Spot check! Distinguish fads from long-lasting trends to renovate your current product offering and ensure successful and profitable product launches
  • Trend forecasting for 2021/2022 and beyond… anticipate market trends ahead of the curve to create pioneering products and ranges which appeal to both consumers and retailer

Naomi Blair, Food Product Manager, Harrods

Mark Donovan, Head of Botanicals & Innovation International, Tata Consumers

Martyn Lee Manager Innovation & Executive Chef, Waitrose

Ine Lubbers, European Marketing Director, Vegetables & Ready Meals, Nomad Foods

Ryan Foreman, Product Manager, Nando’s

New NPD Success

09.40 Stay Ahead Of The Curve With Competitive, Profit-Boosting NPD Which Drives ROI From Concept To Launch

  • Make your mark and drive purchasing power with pioneering product campaigns which have a meaningful impact on consumers
  • Monetise consumer insights and translate data into commercially-viable products that directly target your desired audience for sky-high sales
  • How are brands responding to new definitions of trust, quality, and what is ‘essential’ for trailblazing NPD?
  • Guarantee long-term success by effectively measuring ROI and maximising marketing metrics

Claire Low, Marketing Directory Confectionary, Mondelez (Cadbury, Trebor, Halls)

10.00 Bonus Session; Reserved For Exclusive Conference Partner

10.30 Morning Refreshment Break With Informal Networking

Plant-Based What’s Next | Double Perspective

11.00 Unlock The Key Drivers Behind The Surge In Plant-Based Alternatives For On-Trend Products & Formulations Which Excite & Captivate Consumers 

  • Debunk myths around ‘green foods’ and influence purchase with targeted and consumer-led campaigns that excite, educate and engage
  • As plant-based lifestyles and flexitarian approaches accelerate, what is the way forward for cutting-edge NPD and marketing?
  • Crop diversity: plant-proteins, legumes, wholegrains – where to start with plant-based alternatives that complement your current product offering?
  • Leverage actionable data and insights to understand what is motivating plant-based purchases for data-driven NPD
  • Soy? Pea? Nuts? Discover the next must-have plant-based ingredients gaining increasing traction and market share

11.00 Perspective One
Paul Brown, Founder, BOL foods

11.20 Perspective Two
Claire Gallagher, Development Director, Freaks of Nature

New Health Trends - Panel Discussion & Q&A

11.40 Cater To Consumers’ Ever-Increasing Interest & Demand For Health, Wellness & Nutrition With Refreshing, Innovative & Creative NPD

  • With more consumers interested in the impact of products on their wellbeing which key areas will continue to grow?
  • Monetise products that promote health and wellness and have a better impact on the environment for improved traction and boosted sales
  • Discover the latest innovations in food and drink NPD which encourage and support mental and emotional wellbeing to place your brand as a front-runner for healthy eating
  • Indulgent snacks vs. healthy buying trends – is convenience and indulgence trumping health as people seek out comfort food in tough times?
  • Plant-based, free-from and meat-free is looking to still be big in 2021 - how can brands optimise innovation strategies for quick wins on delivery platforms?

Lee Boakes, Head of NPD & Innovation, Huel

Elena Devis, Senior Commercial Manager & Vegan Category Lead, Deliveroo

James Edmunds, Managing Director, Trip

Sustainability Trends

12.10 Cost-Effective Steps To Improve Brand Image By Harnessing Food & Beverage Sustainability Trends In Order To Fit The Worldly Demand For Change

  • Grow your own green credentials! Explore popular ozone-friendly products and ingredients which meet consumer expectations
  •  Going beyond carbon neutral! Identify and implement energy efficient methods to deliver a sustainable low-carbon competitive future
  • Strike the balance between value, quality and sustainability to deliver on-trend products which are affordable to your consumers
  • Greenwashing label challenges– best-in-class solutions to reduce misleading green claims for improved customer confidence and boosted brand loyalty

Sophia Angelis, SVP Managing Director, Jack Daniel's Brands, Brown-Forman Beverages

12.30 Lunch For Speakers, Delegates & Partners

13.00 Informal Breakout Discussions

A) Covid Impact
Bronagh Hunt, Global Brand Director Irish Brands, Quintessential Brands Group

B) Sugar Reduction
Sally Lawrence, Head of Product, Oppo Brothers

C) Sustainability Sells
Ine Lubbers, European Marketing Director Vegetables & Ready Meals, Nomad Foods

D) Alcohol Trends


13.30 Afternoon Chair’s Opening Remarks
Amir Ali, Culinary Innovation & Strategy Manager, Mitchells & Butlers PLC

Latest Consumer Insights & Shopper Behaviours - Panel Discussion & Q&A

13.40 Business-Critical Customer Insights, Behaviours & Shopper Trends For Profit-Boosting Strategies

  • Optimise the accelerated rise in online sales and rethink digital strategies to boost your digital footprint and improve the omnichannel experience to drive sales
  • Economic uncertainty and the impact of Brexit – where are consumers spending their money for targeted NPD?
  • Measuring out-of-home purchases and consumption for effective NPD strategies that boost sales
  • Are more shoppers buying British with locality as the core concept of newness? Navigate the challenges arising from UK Brexit trade deals to delve into new opportunities
  • Improve methods to collect and leverage consumer shopper data and behaviours for insights into what makes your customers tick

Rhianna Smith, Senior Marketing Manager New Business, Deliveroo

Sam Warren, Senior Buyer, Produce, Sainsbury's

Coronavirus Lessons Learned

14.10 Thriving In The Face Of Adversity With An Optimistic Outlook For 2021/2022 & Beyond

  • Stockpile tips and tricks to navigate supply chain restrictions and renew customer confidence in uncertain times
  • Critical insights into where executives see the market and consumer behaviours taking shape in the months ahead for innovative, market-leading NPD that will drive commercial success
  • Contingency planning in tough economic climates – adapt, react and future-proof operations and supply chains for long-lasting business continuity and healthy cash flow
  • Trend forecasting post-pandemic! Which rapidly changing consumer behaviours are here to stay, and how can brands monetise these to remain competitive?

Howard Chamberlain, Head of Category Development - Grocery, Premier Foods

Marketing & Comms Success

14.30 Beyond Product Design To Shopper Baskets: Fulfil Product Success With Engaging, Exciting Marketing Campaigns Which Captivate Consumers

  • You know why this product should be successful based on consumer insight, but what is the magic marketing formula to communicate that effectively to consumers and sell the product?
  • Content, content, content: from green talk to health lingo ensure you are using the right words to remain relevant, engaging and to click with your audience
  • The channels are changing! From in-store placement to social media buzz, how can you develop your optimum strategy to reach consumers and ensure success?

Gareth Turner, Head Of Brand, Weetabix

14.50 Bonus Session; Reserved For Exclusive Conference Partner

15.20 Afternoon Refreshment Break With Informal Networking

Packaging Innovations

15.50 More Than Plastics: Navigate The Packaging Debate With More Critical USPs for NOW

  • Harness customer insight, respond to consumer concerns and alleviate fear with eco-friendly solutions to packaging which promise greener alternatives
  • Maximalism vs. minimalism… what packaging designs are driving sales for top of the range products that appeal to a variety of customers today?
  • Boost consumer interactivity and retention with plastic-free alternatives and transparent clean-labelling
  • Combat current food waste and environmental issues with the latest developments in packaging technology

Rob Thompson, Packaging Technologist, The Co-op

Must-Have Ingredients & Flavours

16.10 Showcase Your Products & Stand-Out Amongst Competition With The Latest Exciting Health & Wellness Ingredients 

  • As consumers continue to seek more nutritional options, how do you cater to demands for innovative “low” and “no” products while continuing to maintain great taste?
  • As well as innovating to take sugar, fat and calories out, what opportunities are there for adding in ingredients that boost a product’s health benefits?
  • Don’t forget texture! Alongside great taste and health benefits, consumers want a good sensory experience – be it creamy sauces, crunchy biscuits or chewy cereal bars that are still “better for you”
  • Get ideas around creative portfolio pivots to capture the attention of consumers who are more conscious not only of health and wellness but also of sustainability
  • Tap into ingredients that are relevant across the globe to help brands taking stands to promote health and wellbeing without sacrificing indulgence

Mervyn de Souza, VP of Global R&D Health & Wellness & Open Innovation, Tate & Lyle

Product Innovation

16.30 The Journey So Far & Drive For Future Innovation
Andrew Ritchie, Group Head Of Product Development, Meatless Farm

16.50 Afternoon Chair’s Closing Remarks
Amir Ali, Culinary Innovation & Strategy Manager, Mitchells & Butlers PLC

17.00 Official Close Of Conference

PLUS! Don't Miss Our Sister Event Taking Place Virtually 30th June 2021: The NPD Food & Drink Europe Conference. Confirmed Speakers Include...

Inspiring, Consumer-Driven, Commercially-Successful Food & Drink New Product Development: Insights Into The Latest Consumer-Led Health Trends, Plant-Based Innovations, Free-From, Retailer & Convenience Insights & Sustainable Product Development To Deliver Stand-Out, Profit-Boosting NPD & Product Innovations. A Brand-Led, One-Day Virtual Conference & Networking Event, 30th June 2021

Shape Your Food & Drink Strategies With Insights Into The Hottest Trends & Innovations That Are The Perfect Recipe For Profitable NPD:

  1. Win Big With The Latest Lucrative Health & Ingredients Trends: Drive product success, nutritional value and satisfy consumer demands to propel profits
  2. Profitable Plant-Based Products Which Appeal To The Masses: Perfect texture, flavour and taste for fly-off-the-shelf, plant-powered NPD
  3. Hot Trends & Innovations To Excite Consumers: Drive commercially-successful NPD which impresses consumers and boosts sales
  4. Deep-Dive Into The Mind Of The Consumer! Guarantee your products thrive despite the rapidly-changing trends and interests of shoppers
  5. Boost Sustainability With Innovative Methods: Get the seal of approval with sustainable NPD which meets environmental considerations and still drives commercial success
  6. It’s More Than Just Plastic! Deliver On Your Packaging Promise: Packaging solutions which appease eco-conscious consumers, are cost-effective and reduce
    environmental impact
  7. Focus On Low-Sugar NPD: The latest tools and solutions to assist your portfolio in its journey towards sugar reduction
  8. On-Trend, Convenient Products For Time-Poor Consumers: Innovate your portfolio with convenient products that stand-out in a growing space